Learn the single most important Manifestation
Technique that 99.9% of people don’t know about
Everyone’s heard of the law of attraction.

Most manifestation programs such as The Secret preach a simple formula: “Ask, Believe, Receive.” The Law of Attraction tells you that if you think positive thoughts and focus on what you want, it will come to you.

If it were really that simple, why aren’t we all rich and happy living in mansions on the beach and driving Maserati’s?

Now it’s not that these methods are completely ineffective… The simple act of believing more positive things and thinking about what you want in life will make a positive change in your life…

But That Is Not Manifestation…

Real manifestation is a way to directly create and alter the reality around you to bring the things you want in life.

So why does the law of attraction work for some people? And not for others?

The law of attraction and other manifestation courses are missing the key ingredients to making manifestation possible… And they completely ignore the Forces working against your manifestation.

In Direct Manifestation, you will Uncover these Secrets, including an incredibly easy step-by-step technique you only need to apply for only a few minutes twice a week.

Direct Manifestation will allow you to pull anything you can dream of into your life…

Whether that be love, money, a new job, true friends, self-improvement, personality traits, spiritual abilities and experiences…

That’s right, Direct Manifestation is not just for the physical things in life. While it will bring you the money and physical comforts, it is also a key to spiritual advancement, new experiences and your enlightenment cycle…

The world is changing, we need to help spiritual beings such as yourself stabilize your everyday life, so that you can focus on helping the planet evolve.

Spiritual beings play a critical role in the evolution of Gaia.

You are needed to empower yourself and break free from the machine.

And Direct Manifestation will show you exactly how to do that.

A lost art…


First thing: This isn’t all about money..

Ask most people about manifestation and what pops in their head? The lottery.

Dig a little deeper about why people want money and you will find it isn’t money they’re after. It is what they can do with money.

Money, in that case, is a tool to get what you REALLY want. Not an end.

What if there was another way, that didn’t have to involve money? What if there was another form of currency in the universe that you could use in exchange for what you truly desire…

Manifestation was once an art practiced by Spiritual Masters in Ancient times.

For the most part, this art has been lost in the translation of sacred scripts, and the forgotten methods have been replaced with the watered-down courses that occupy mainstream spirituality.

Direct Manifestation is a Groundbreaking Exploration into the Ancient Teachings of this Lost Art.



You will learn:
  • A Step-by Step, Guided Walk-through of this profound Technique, so you can Feel Confident Knowing that your Manifestations will bring the Best Possible Results.
  • How-To Permanently Eliminate the most Common Obstacles to Manifestation Success in order to Ensure Great Results Every Time.
  • How-To Distill your Requests down to something the Universe can Easily Understand which Enables you to Properly ask for what you Desire, Further Increasing your Chances of Getting it.
  • What true manifestation is and how it compares to remote influencing and programming the Matrix
  • How-To Project your Manifestation Directly and Eliminate the Risk of Interference by the Gaia Mind. (The Collective Consciousness Of the Planet)
  • Specific examples for manifesting things such as money, love, and friendship
  • Common Emotions that will block your manifestations
  • Why Group Manifestations seldom work… And how you can overcome those challenges
  • How-To Hasten your Results by adding this one Specific Feeling…Which Means you’ll Experience Better-than-Average Results in a Fraction of the Time
  • How to Manifest things that are completely new… Including new spiritual experiences
  • Essentially, you are learning how to Rewrite Reality and Override the collective consciousness…

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Direct Manifestation
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